Who we are

Valter and Maurizio*, fond of the dog world; the first one is the owner of the ENCI** recognized breed club “Valvalaia”, the other one is a friend of the four-legged as well as a painter with assets of several exhibitions.  They have decided to work together in order to create images/forms of our four-legged friends, made both of wood and metal.

They can be realised in different sizes, reproducing any kind of dog race, customised with the owned subject.

Unique pieces, hand painted or finished with black graphite or of any other colour; also left ‘au naturel’ with rust effect for metal works or completed with wax for wood pieces.

The metal is mainly designated to be placed outside.

The ideal arrangement for wood is inside the house.

The pieces are delivered with a kit for an easy installation.

The pieces are treated to last over time.



*Maurizio Favaron

Works of art, execution of frescos, trompe l’oeil, inside and outside decorations.

He is an artist from Treviso. Since he was a little boy he has been dedicating his time to drawing and painting. He attended the evening art school. He also attended some drawing and painting courses at the academy institute Roma. Together with master Claudio Borsato, he undertook relationships of study-work in Padua, that have continued for many years, analysing the study of the portrait, the anatomy and the landscape.

Together with master Borsato, he learned and developed many techniques. From master Pietro Annigoni he learned the techniques of “tempera grassa” (fat tempera) executed following the ancient recipe. These techniques fascinated him.

He was also attracted by the fresco technique; for this reason, he decided to study it at 360 degrees. Since the beginning of the ‘80s, he has been participating in many contest and collective and personal exhibitions, gaining supports and awards.


Maurizio Favaron

Via Levada, 39 – Povegliano (TV), Italy

Landline +39 0422 77.06.89

Mobile +39 339.24.73.159

E-mail: mauriziofavaron1960@libero.it